Linux on Palm Tungsten E

Some background informations

Why should you run Linux on your Palm ?

Well, this point is up to you. However, you may give it a try for several reasons :

How is this embedded Linux different from a desktop or server version ?

Basically there are no differences. What you'll get on your Palm is virtually what you'll get on any Linux workstation. In details : Why did we make those choices ? Actually, the Tungsten E is powerful enough to use standard, full-featured software. Using somehow reduced versions might have provided an extra speed boost, but it would have broken compatibility. With the OS we provide you should be able to run any Linux software (given it's OpenSource or you are provided ARM binaries).


Linux is an OS on its own. It doesn't need the PalmOS. Yet we just can't launch Linux right at power-on, since the ROM isn't writable. That's why Linux is started from the PalmOS, like any other PalmOS application. But don't be fooled : once you've started the kernel, ALL THE DATA ON YOUR PALM WILL BE LOST. You just can't hope to get your data back. That's why we stronly advise you to make a full backup of your palm before giving Linux a try.